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Product Detail
1575mm Toilet paper machine
1575mm Toilet paper machine
Series: High speed
Spec: 4-5T/D
Model: 1575mm

I. Usage

Paper weight: 13-30gsm

Raw material: waste tissue paper,newspaper, printing paper

Finish paper: rolling tissuepaper, napkin paper, facial paper,

Handkerchief paper.

II. Main crafts parameters

1Pulp : Wood pulp plate,waste paper

2Feeding pulp concentration: 0.3-0.9‰

3beating degrees : 30-38°SR

4paper sheet dryness:

Come out from wire case : 18-20

Before go through MG cylinder : 36-40

Come out from MG cylinder : 90-94

Finish tissue : 90-94

5Lateral shrinkage : 8-10

6Day running hours: 22 hours

7Papermaking rate : 94

8Yield : 95

9Touch roll line pressure:40KN/m

10other parameter

AC voltage : 380V50Hz

Control voltage: 220/24V

Water pressure: 0.25Mpa; workingpressure: 0.2Mpa

Compressed air source pressure:0.6Mpa; working pressure: 0.4Mpa

Steam pressure : 0.6Mpa ; workingpressure0.3Mpa

Vacuum suction tank: 20-40Kpa

Water requirement: pure color,remove impurities, PH value 6.8

III. Main technical parameters

1Papermaking quantitative:13-30g/ high wrinkles toilet paper

2Net width of paper :1575mm

3Designed speed : 210m/min

4Working speed: 170-190m/min

5Nominal capacity : 4-5T/D

6Rail Gauge: 2400mm

7Wrinkling rate : 22

8Transmission : Y-type ACmotor drive partly, frequency control

MG cylinder motor: 37kw

Roll-cylinder motor: 3kw

9Arrangement : Single-layer,the left and right hand arrangement