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Product Detail
787mm Toilet paper machine
Series: Low speed
Spec: 0.8-1.0T/D
Model: 787mm

I. Technical parameters

Raw material: Waste paper, virginpulp

Output paper: Tissue paper jumboroll, toilet rolls

Output weight: 13-30g/m2

Net paper width: 787mm-900mm

Wire width: 1100mm

Capacity: 0.8-1.0T/D

Rail gauge: 1300mm

Drives: transmission with 250 typereducer

II. Main equipment structure

1. Cylinder part: Ф700mm×1100mmstainless steel cylinder mould (1pc), Ф200mm×1100mm couchroll (1pc),

rubber hardness HSD 38°±2.

2. Dryer part: Ф1000mm×1100mm ironcast alloy dryer can(1pc), Ф280mm×1100mm touch roll (1 pc), mechanical pressdevice.

Rubber hardness HSD 90°±2.Equipped with machinery creping doctor.

3. Equipped with rewinding andperforated machine and cutter.

4. Drives and control: AC converter and adjustable speed. 250type reducer.