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Product Detail
Single toilet roll packaging line
Single toilet roll packaging line
Series: 60-120Volume/min
Brand: Kingwon
Model: KW-120


This high speedautomatic packaging machine uses Japanese technology and electrical components;it was born in learning from Japanadvanced technology and rich experience, with domestic and internationaladvanced level, simple operation, easy maintenance, stable packaging quality,packaging beautiful appearance. This machine fast packaging, packaging 60-120volume per minute, 10 times more than manual packing speed, the machine can beequipped with automatic feeding device, and can maneuver or band saw cutterrealize seamless docking, automatic assembly line, without artificialparticipation.

I. Main configuration:
The main imported electrical components, Japan Panasonic inverter, OMRON PLC,with mechanical cutting prevention and photoelectric cutting preventionfunction.

II. Product features:
1. The use of programmable logic controller (PLC) control, reducing themechanical contact, the system failure rate is low, stable and reliable inoperation;
2. Variable frequency speed regulation, a potentiometer knob to change thepackaging speed only needs to rotate with the drive connected to the;

3. Main cabinetwith 12mm thick steel plates welded together, post weld heat treatment toeliminate internal stress. High-speed operation without jitter, the box never deformation.
4. This machine adopts gear chain CVT, rotate the handle to change the lengthof the bags;

5. The function ofthe digital display, can display the bag length, packing speed, sealing temperature,yield etc.;
6.Bidirectional optoelectronic tracking system, can ensure the film cut indesired position, accurate cut-off point;
7. This machine is equipped with the leakage protection switch, can ensure thesafety of human and machine.
8. Sealing knife is arranged at the front part of the emergency stop switch andcover, can prevent the operator on the misoperation of your hand.

III. Mechanical data:
The packing speed: 60-120volume / min (according to the packaging film material, thickness and packagingspecifications)
Packaging film material: OPP, PE, PVC, CPP, PT, (composite membrane material orsealing materials, double-sided heat-sealing film)
Single roll packing size: height 100-123mm, diameter 100-120mm (otherspecifications can be specified)
dimension: 6730mm x 1310mm x 1480mm size (length x width x height)
Total power of machinery: 3.5kw
Total weight: 1100kg