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Product Detail
2900mm Toilet paper machine
2900mm Toilet paper machine
Series: High speed
Spec: 20T/D
Model: 2900mm

Main technical standard

1.1 Product variety: upscaleoriginal tissue paper, napkin original paper

1.2 Grammage: 12-30g/ m2

1.3 Material: Wide (needle) leafpulp, selected regenerative pulp

1.4 Paper making machine type: 2900mm

1.5 Width of net paper: 2900mm

1.6 Gauge: 3900m

1.7 Dryer: Φ2500×3300mm

1.8 Cylinder mould: Φ1800×3250mm

1.9 Designed speed: 250m/min

1.10 Work speed: 150-180m/min

1.11 Theory yield: 20T/D

1.12 Drive style: fully vectordigital alternating-current converter, divisional drive, total installed capacityis 82.5KW.

1.13 Felt arrangement: electrictension, air moved correct.

1.14 Paper making machine type:Left or right machine(up to the user).

1.15 Outside dimension:  11000×5800×5800mm (L×W×H).