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Product Detail
3000mm Multi-functional paper machine
3000mm Multi-functional paper machine
Series: High speed
Spec: 100T/D
Model: 3000mm

Main technical parameter

Output paper: White board paper,carton board paper, Kraft liner paper, culture paper etc

Weight: 100-350g/m2

Net paper width: 3000mm

Roll paper width: 3050mm

Capacity: 100-120t/d

Working speed: 120-220m/min

Designed speed:  250m/min

Climbed speed: 25m/min

Dynamic balance:350m/min

Width of fourdrinier: 3450mm

Lip of head box width: 3300mm

Rail gauge: 3900mm (according todesigning)

Drive way: A.C motor frequencyconversion, section drive.

Arrangement: single layer.

Dryness of paper:

Dryness of outing wire: ≥22%

Dryness before in dryer: ≥44%

Dryness after dryer: ≥90%

Dryness of finish paper: 92%

Transverse shrinkage: ≤4%

Banner water difference: ≤±0.8%

Banner quantification difference:≤±1.5%

Compress air pressure: 0.6MPa

Maximum single set weight: ~18t