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Product Detail
Automatic Roll Core Making Machine
Automatic Roll Core Making Machine
Model: ZJJ-A

Technical parameters:

1.Operation speed25 m/min;

2. Jumbo roll storing structure:the jumbo roll can pushed automatically.

3. Glue-spraying structure: autogluing the rolled craftpaper through the glue spraying roller;  

4. The rolling structure: the corediameter can be made by customers’ requirement to suit for different width ofjumbo roller.  

5 .Cutting system: Auto pipe cuttingwithout stopping machine; The edge cutting surface is trim while the lengthshould be uniform.  

6. Cutting blade returningstructure: The cutter returning to the designated position is controlled by thereset motor to materialize that the cutter return to the exactly place whilethe length of the rolled core is accurate.

7 Adjustment on the length ofpaper core: Move the sensor position, that is all.  

8. Gluewater is using with whitelatex or glassy latex, two are for optional;

9. It can make 2 – 7 plies, thebottom layer is input from the opposite, under the oil glass to enable the oildrops little on the jumbo roll, thus it can reduce the friction between jumboroll and the rolled paper core;  

To produce different diameter coreshould use different size of belt.  

10. Jumbo roll matching: the jumboroll should be narrow for producing small paper core, while if jumbo rollshould be wide for producing big core ( Jumbo roll minimum size30mm, maximum size 85mm) the bottom layer can be same width as secondlayer or third layer, but the fourth layer should be 2mm wider than the third layer, while the fifth layershould be 2mm widerthan the fourth layer; Same by follows, anyway, the flat belt should be 26mm much more narrow then the outmost layer paper.

11.Use the paper pipe glue

12. Paper core cutting length canbe adjustable;  

13. Cutting blade:highsteel material(no teeth);

14. Jumbo roll:180-300g/ m² craftpaper;

15. Feeding roll:2-3feeding roll bracket;

16.Rolled paper width70 mm

17.Rolled paper core diameter:φ30--φ45

18.Requested voltage:AC380V,50Hz\(including drying and heating function

19.Requested air pressure:0.5MPa;(Airpressure should be offered by customer themselves

20.Overall size of equipment:3800X800X1680mm;

21.Net weight of machine1000Kg